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Your Place to Rest, Relax & Heal

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Your Place to Rest, Relax & Heal

Fine Feather Healing Arts


Embark on a transformative journey to wellness at Fine Feather Healing Arts. Through the modalities of acupuncture, herbal medicine and massge therapy, our team of skilled practitioners are dedicated to providing the best in alternative care. We treat a wide variety of medical conditions and strive for immediate clinical results with long lasting benefits.  By seamlessly combining ancient wisdom with modern clinical techniques, our treatments tap into the body’s innate restorative abilities to promote balance, healing and well-being. We look forward to working with you towards optimal health and vitality today.

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Fine Feather Healings Arts offers customized holistic services in medical acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage therapy and bodywork.



Reduce pain and promote healing

Enhance recuperative power and immunity

Support physical and emotional health

Improve overall function and wellbeing

Relieve Stress and Promote relaxation

Reduce Muscle Tension

Increase range of motion

Postural and Structural Issues

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Peterborough, New Hampshire

Acupuncture and Massage therapy

Explore the skilled and diverse team of practitioners at Fine Feather Healing Arts, committed to delivering exceptional holistic healthcare services tailored to your well-being.

What people are saying

“Great group of professionals at a very welcoming, comfortable, and beautiful office! I’ve had both massage therapy and acupuncture. I always look forward to my next appointment. They are experts!”

Heather D.

“I’m so grateful to have access to an acupuncturist as skilled as Leah. I have recieved treatment from a variety of TCM and 5 elements professionals over the past decade, and find that Leah’s balance of knowledge, intuition, experience, and overall kind spirit is really special. I have noticed noticeable improvements from both acupuncure and massage treatments but also from prescribed herbal support. I highly recommend Fine Feather if you are seeking wecoming and highly capable practioners.”

Tara K.

“Jon is a highly skilled and knowledgeable acupuncture practioner. His professional credibility does not affect his warmth, mindfulness, and compassion. Not only did he help with my general pain levels and energy, but I think he was one of my deciding factors in my neuropathic recovery. I had lost almost all feeling in my feet. After 2 months of continued treatment I saw an increase in circulation and sensation in my feet. I would highly recommend seeing him if you have any kind of chronic illness or pain, but also if you have an “invisable illness” that western medicine often disregards. I cannot recommend him enough, prioritize your well being and book a visit ASAP!”

Alex J.