About Us

Finding The Path

Fine Feather was born out of a vision to provide a healing arts center where we can give back to our local community by offering opportunities to help facilitate positive changes in peoples lives. Acupuncture and Massage therapy are powerful tools for healing, resetting patterns and empowering self care.

Our Story

The Japanese Pheasant (Kiji 雉 literally “arrow bird”) is the National Bird of Japan. The colors and imagery combine the fine softness of a feather with the precision, strength and protection of an arrow. This is connected to the sources of Nature and the ever changing balances of Yin and Yang.
Fine Feather Healing Arts combine the Yin Yang concept of simplifying the complicated with the gentle strength of a feather and arrow. We as health practitioners are committed to merging these ideals into our medicine and through our hands. 


Meet The Team